Briefly: D800e after weeks on X-T2

Last night I was doing some very low light stuff, and the X-T2 was struggling to lock focus. It could, but only 20% of the time.

Focus peaking was useless because I wasn't really trying to grab onto a really contrasty bit either. In the end I got there with simple magnification view.


It got me wondering, though. I went and grabbed the D800e, put the 24-70 on it, and tried with that.

Success rate was very similar, as it turns out. The 16-55 again moved considerably slower than the 24-70, but that's a known attribute by now.


One thing that stood out, however, was how different the Nikon felt. I've definitely gotten comfortable with the Fuji. The weight difference felt HUGE. The flip out screen was sorely missed. Same for the bespoke dials.

I did enjoy the Nikon's size, though. I thought to myself that if I could have that size, but slimmer, and, with modern tech, I'd be happy. I'll have a look at how much weight the battery grip adds to the X-T2.


One other thing that concerned me was how stiff everything got on the Nikon. The finger dial felt stiff, the thumb dial felt stuck, at first!! The 50/1.2's aperture ring also super stiff. I'm wondering if I should have these cleaned before placed in storage.