Busy Croydon

Today we visited another one of our candidate areas, in preparation of our upcoming apartment hunt, Croydon.


Croydon was quite the mixed bag.

Transport getting there was somewhat painful, coming from Greenwich. The single overground ran out of New Cross Gate, and ran every 30min it seems, at least on a weekend. Additionally, the train we rode in was packed with football fans getting off at Norwood Junction, and each car had 2 police accompanying the crowd.

Not much fun.

We got off at East Croydon. Once we got there, the local public transport was an entirely different story. The local community is served by a combination of trams and Arriva buses (and the busses, in this area, actually seemed to run on time, even if a bit sparse).

We ate lunch at a food court (Boxpark) next to the train station, and then we made our way to the local John Lewis, opting for a bit of walking to see the local residential area as well. Finally we left out of West Croydon.

West Croydon seemed a bit more "rough" of an area, but still very busy and vibrant.

Our overall feeling of the area was that Croydon has the potential to be a great spot. There's good local transport, it's a relatively affordable area within greater London, and there are some very vibrant parts. However, transport to/from Croydon, while the station itself is quite large, might be questionable.

We're keeping it in our list, but not at the top.