Tranquil Welwyn Garden City

As we keep working our way through our list of areas we are interested in, this time we visited Welwyn Garden City.


Getting there involved grabbing a train out of King's Cross St. Pancras. As with many of these areas, transport to/from was available every 30min. Depending on whether you get an express or not, train time can range 27-45min.

The train station itself is behind a shopping centre ("Howard Centre"). Once outside, we found ourselves in a very serene town. Its centre piece is the park that runs across the middle of the town. Around it runs the main town street, and to its side is the actual town centre, with shopping and restaurants.

Restaurant choices seemed few. In fact, the town could almost be described as boring. However, we really liked it. The car traffic seemed very small, as did the foot traffic. The park was very simple, but it was still a very welcome huge patch of green. Housing around it varied. However, it seemed quite attractive. We actually ventured a few streets away from the park, and the housing seemed very nice.

Overall, we really liked this area. It seems like a very calm place to live in, well fitting my own predisposition of living where it's calm, and going to where it's fun. Areas like St Albans are within a very comfortable driving distance. We even saw advertising that fibre is available in the area. The only downside to this would, in fact, be the sparse transport. We'll be keeping an eye on this area.