Birthday at awesome Brighton

It was time to celebrate my gorgeous wife's (hey, boo!) birthday.

A few ideas were tossed around. A few restaurants were examined. A comedy show was considered. In the end, however, we decided to go on a day trip. And the destination of choice was Brighton.


The town was surprisingly large, surprisingly busy, and quite wonderful. There were SO many places to consider for food, coffee, wine, relaxation. There was a wonderful park, and a huge beach road. The actual beach is very developed, and very busy. This was our first time having an ice cream on the beach in the UK, and it was might cool.

The crowds were very diverse, ranging from old couples, people with pets, plenty hipsters, plenty of same sex couples, groups of teens, and anything else in between. Everyone was pretty comfortable, and there were plenty of opportunities for street photography. It had the feel of an island holiday town.

We enjoyed a pretty good lunch when we arrived, a nice wine + platter of goodies before we left, and snacks in between. 

The only downside was transport. The area is serviced by Southern, which is currently hit by ongoing strikes. It turned out that they were not only running a very reduced Sunday schedule, but they actually cancelled their last direct train to London. We were almost left stranded. But, in the end, it all wraps up as a wonderful little adventure.