Double take on St Albans City

Zoe and I have been comparing every area we've been looking at to St Albans. St Albans left such a positive impression on us on our first visit (see here), that it has informed all our subsequent journeys.


Fearing that our first impression was skewed, we decided to visit St Albans for second viewing. We wanted to make sure that, if we prioritise St Albans property options over others, it is done for valid reasons. So that is exactly what we did on this visit. We went to validate our original impressions, and examine some other parts of the area that we weren't able to on our first visit.

This time around we able to look at the busy street market (more information can be found here). We were pleasantly surprised. Last time we had arrived too late, and stalls were packing up to get out of the snow. This time the market was buzzing in the gorgeous spring weather. It was fun for a browse, and there were a few stalls we were genuinely interested in.

We also made it a point to deviate off from the main streets, and better view the residential areas. You'll see some photographs of houses, or apartment buildings, which are there to document our impressions of these residential parts. And these impressions were largely positive. There are a lot of Victorian builds with just stunning interiors visible from the street, as well as many cute newer builds.

Finally, we made it a point to visit Verulamium Park, and walk along the park's entire length of the river, exiting at the Waffle House. The park was simple but very pleasant, and the waffles we had in the end were brilliant.

All in all, we ended our day with our impressions of St Albans validated. This is a wonderful place to live in. The only downside is that it is very hilly, which can make going back uphill a chore. Apart from that, the people were nice, the houses are great, the market is busy, and there are food choices aplenty.