Interesting Sevenoaks

I confirmed something this weekend about my self that I always deeply suspected. I don't like hilly places. I'm built for flat areas, not long inclines.

This weekend we went to Sevenoaks.


From a practical standpoint, getting there is not too difficult. On a Saturday there were trains out of London roughly every 10min. Once there, despite a bus stop across the street, we decided to walk into town. This was a long climb.

Like, a loooong climb.

On the way there we passed by a Lamborghini/Bentley dealership, and I raced inside to drool over a pearl white Lamborghini Aventador. 

Then more climbing.

Anyway, after reaching the edge of town and having a nice Italian lunch, we walked through town. The place itself was quite nice. Nothing stood out particularly much. There were some nice older buildings. Sidewalks get pretty narrow.

The main attraction of the Sevenoaks, from our brief time in it, was the Deer Park. It's a large parkland, with roughly 350 wild deer. We walked through it, and, sure enough, they're all over the place. They'll let you get within 5 meters max, before they move on. But otherwise they're not bothered by people around them.

Overall, Sevenoaks made an OK impression on us. But we aren't likely to revisit it but for spending more time at the Deer Park.