Harpenden, food, and ducks

As we continue to run through our list of possibilities, we are now looking at areas after examining housing ads. This week we visited Harpenden.


Harpenden was an interesting area. First of all, getting there should normally be quite easy. Just hop on the Thameslink at Blackfriars and get off after St. Albans. During our specific trip, however, we had issues. There was a suicide on our track, and trains had been horribly disrupted. But we got there eventually.

Our first impression of the place was food near the station, and it was pretty good. The place was great, the service was friendly, and the food was good. The same place was packed with people by the time we were returning to the station to leave, so that's always a good sign.

Our walk through town was very nice. The town itself is very nicely sized, with a large array of businesses, including Sainsbury's and M&S. We noticed what seemed like a surprising number of real estate agencies for the size of the town.

We then returned to the station via a residential part. The houses seemed very nice, and well sized. The apartment buildings often had an 80's concrete slab feel.

During the walk we had a fun discussion about the upcoming Brexit disaster. That's always a fun topic.

On the last stretch we passed by a park with a duck pond. Nearby was also a feed dispenser. Put in 20p, turn the dial, and fill your hand with feed. Then enjoy being king for the next 15min :) .

Overall our impression of Harpenden as an area was good. For the right price, we would definitely consider property there. Its main downside was that it is in parts very hilly. My wife thinks that's a good thing. :)