2017 Travel to Samos, Greece

When I was young (we're talking mostly pre-teen), I spent most of my Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays with my maternal grandparents in Samos. Samos is a wonderful Greek island in the Aegean, right on the border with Turkey.


I learned how to swim, and love the sea, there. My grandfather taught me how to fish there. I had some of my cosiest times of early childhood there. My oldest friend is from there (we've known each other since age 3).

Fast forward to today. My grandparents have passed away. The family home there has been sold. I haven't been there in 20 years. So Zoe agreed for us to have this year's summer trip there.

It was a wonderful experience. I had solicited recommendations from friends who still frequent there, so we had places to go to. We saw some wonderful landscapes and sunsets. We spend a huge amount of time on a gorgeous sandy beach. We ate SO much good stuff. We drove all around the island.

We'll be going back regularly, I believe. :)