2018 Road trip to Cotswolds

My wife (hi, Zoe!) planned a road trip for us for my birthday (yay, 41). It was a long weekend affair, drive out Friday morning and back Sunday evening.

The trip was, admittedly, pretty cool. On the one hand, the weather was mostly cloudy or raining, and Watson (our 7mo Basset Hound) was being particularly difficult. On the other hand, we got to try some awesome food, see some great sights, meet lots of other pet owners, and come home with some great photos. Poor Zoe even took over managing Watson on my actual birthday without a single complaint, so I could enjoy taking some photographs.

Zoe rocks! :)

We stayed at a place called The Fish Hotel.


On my birthday we went to visit Broadway Tower, had lunch at the Broadway Deli, and then had a general walk around town for some photos.

Finally, on our checkout day, we stopped by the beautiful village called Bibury. We enjoyed a long walk, and had a spot of lunch at the Swan Hotel pub. We finished with an amazingly relaxing experience at The William Morris Tea Room. It was unfortunate that my camera's battery died just before we went to the tea room, but we probably enjoyed the experience more without the distraction.

All in all, a brilliant little road trip.