A crazy weekend

Since we got Watson, it has been a... journey. We've had all sorts of issues with him being a particularly defiant hound.

We've also grown to love him to bits. So we constantly try to find ways to manage his behaviour. Every form of reward, distraction, and punishment, has been explored. This Saturday we tried a training collar. The thing either beeps or vibrates, no biggie.

And it was an absolute gift. For the first time Watson was interested primarily in hanging around with us. As a result we had a wonderful day at the park.


On Sunday we borrowed a friend's rescue, a beautiful male called Oscar. We wanted to test out how Watson would react with another dog in the house. Additionally we wanted to see how he'd do with his separation anxiety.

There was lots of humping. There was lots of drooling. Aaand there was lots of bite face.

And our absence wasn't even noticed when we left them alone for roughly 30min, and watched over FaceTime.